Chef Simões

Miguel Simões de Almeida

Our chef with eclectic tastes, Miguel started his culinary journey in Switzerland, with a master’s degree in Marbella. In 2016 Miguel decided, with other partners, to create Praia da Princesa on his favourite beach: the beautiful Costa da Caparica. As one of Praia’s founders, he’s bringing his culinary know-how to surprise & refresh our guests’ palates at all times of day and night.

Before Princesa, Miguel passed by other spaces, such as the restaurant Verbasco, in Quinta da Marinha, Cascais, the restaurant Praia do Peixe (currently Sal) of the group Lagrimas Hotels and Emotions. He also consulted for Starfoods, Taberna Moderna or El Corte English.


Our menu is updated regularly by the Chef.